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The one and only... The world Famous... The youngest of the Brothers Cobb! CARLISLE *Crowd Cheers, fans go crazy*

Welcome back guys, when last I left you we had hashed out how Marjorie Bourdeen got her leading lady look and today I present you to the Master of Ceremonies!

Carlisle came to us last year, we knew we needed and MC for our stage show, someone to keep the ball rolling. We were all talking and eventually settled on the MC being an extension of Cornelius, much like in Goosebumps, Karl from Karlsville. Hey Carlisle/ Karlsville am I sensing some connection?

Designing the costume, I knew right off the bat I wanted a very Androgynous looking character. That top photo is straight off my moodboard! I knew I wanted to go the black and white route because Cornelius the big baddie was going to be dressed like a ringleader and I really wanted a definite distinction between the two. Speaking of inspiration, my two biggest inspos were Alan Cummings from Cabaret.

And the other was Zach Effron from The Greatest Showman.

On a side note, how interesting would it have been instead of turning Zach into a mini Barnum they had gone my route and kept him slightly bougie but in like a comedic way. In no way am I dissing what they did, just offering up a thought :)

There she is!!! So beautiful! I feel like the fusing of the references is pretty obvious in just this one shot!

Moving on to this year some changes were necessary, as we ended up changing actresses that also meant the need of the actress changed.

In this case our actress is going to be adding a whole lot more dancing and acro into her routine, which meant out with the wovens and in with the Lycra. I wanted to keep the overall feel of the original look, so changed out her button up to a collared leo (first I ever made like this def could use some alterations before my next go about) luckily the vest is backless and doesn't impair her movement so it got to stay! Another change I made was adding the wig, which looks very similar to my reference photo (top of the page)

This outfit has kind of a Chorus Line look to it, which I really like because it does suit the Character. I mean why can't she be apart of the show in addition to presenting the show?

I guess now we get into the Knitty Gritty, How Did I Do It?


The Tuxedo Coat: Probably 100% Polyester, made from a white Satin from M&L Fabrics in Anaheim. I altered McCalls Pattern 6143 to add a lining and did a lot of internal building in order to shape this coat out. The buttons were all purchased from Joann's Fabrics, they're black satin covered buttons. The fur was Borrowed from Candy Buck, it was her Grandmothers and is adhered via snaps, to make dry cleaning possible, and easy.

The Vest: This Backless vest was made from a very old mens pattern (I'm too lazy to look at the number pretty sure its also a McCalls) I had to size it down to fit as it's really old, and also, already been cut. I Purchased the fabric from The Wall in LA's fashion District. The lining was left over from something, and I put three brass buttons on the front, vintage, from my horde.

Leotard: I had wanted to buy one of those s