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Lazy Sunday

Sunday was here and I was ready for church. Even though I have a Korea phone specifically for getting around, the GPS is not very intuitive which sometimes makes things difficult. So I got a little turned around making my way to church.

Remember my post "See you in Seoul" ? Yeah the area I ended up in while going in the complete wrong direction, that's where the church is. Not exactly, but pretty dang close to that way. So it turned out to be quite the walk. It was very overcast, but surprisingly not chilly, so I was definitely sweating by the time I made it there, sweaty and late. I had completely missed worship. No worries, I'll pick it up next time.

It was a really cute church, 3 stories and of course you gotta climb them stairs. The Pastor is white, the service in English, and most of the families there were mixed. I'd like to know more about the church but I came late and felt weird asking questions, especially after huffing and puffing my way there.

It was a good sermon on Easter, they are working their way through it chapter by chapter, and were on Chapter 7 when Hamen gets hung. The Pastor was talking about idols in our life, and how for Hamen money, power, and respect we're his idols to such a degree, that he was willing to genocide and entire people, simply because one man threatened that idol. I definitely enjoyed the message, I think next week I'll try to make a point to meet the pastor, as I want to know more about him.

I was super hungry on the walk back but there wasn't much open. I have noticed Koreans don't brunch the way we do here in America.

I found the Foreign Book Store where I bought two used books. One on mythology the other on making tarts. When I get back, let's make some tarts.

I went home had some noodles and just hung out. I was so tired from a week of adventuring I just wanted to out up my sore feet and not move.

Around dinner time it started raining, I wanted to order in, but I don't know how to put my address in correctly. I eventually gave up and walked down to Buddha's Belly a Thai restaurant by my house that was open. It was peaceful to eat listening to the raindrops. Twords the end of the meal, I heard some live music being played somewhere. My instinct was to go find it, but my feet hurt and I was tired. So I went home, my mom called me and I talked for a little bit then went to bed.

What Did I Wear?

I wore these cute flared pants I had purchased the day before in Namdaemun, with this same high collared black crop top made by me. To church I put a vintage sweater over it.

In the evening I just put my Northanger Abbey sweatshirt (available in shop) over the whole thing to wear down to dinner.

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