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Updated: May 6, 2022

Instead of writing a daily post about my time in quarantine, I decided to summerize it all up for you here.

As I probably put down in my last post the whole quarantine process was pretty pali pali. I didn't really feel any jetlag, so that was a pretty easy adjustment.

I stayed at The Royal Emporium in Incheon, it was a comfortable room with a nice view. I spent the majority of my time reading, writing my Wattpad novel and watching TikTok videos. Many people asked if I was bored, yes a little, some moments more than others. I did get a little stir crazy towards the end.

The food was pretty good, as you can see they really try to give you your monies worth. I took pictures of most of my meals. They did tend to be really carb heavy, and spicy. It was definitely an adjustment, as I don't normally eat this way.

What Did I Wear?

I pretty much stayed casual and comfortable. I didn't document my outfits much this round. When I first arrived it was really warm, things cooled down once the rain came in. Then warmed up in time for checkout.

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