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SoCal Spring Breakers

It's my Spring Break! And y'all know I'm not going to drop this opportunity to have a good time ๐Ÿ˜‰ So I grabbed my buddy, we hit the road and lookout SoCal cause here we come.

About 6am he swung by to pick me up and we headed on down to North Hollywood! We landed about 11 and hit the mall first thing. My buddy Nathan needed to buy some sandels, I needed to buy some sandels so Westfield Mall it was!

I'm super particular about the sort of sandels I wear. I hate having anything in between my toes because it irritates me, and I prefer thinner straps. Nathan of course found what he was looking for in the first shop we stopped at, but I had to wonder the mall for a while. Then we found Forever 21 and I knew they'd do right by me.

I ended up finding two pairs of sandels! I wanted to get one in yellow and one in red, but there was no yellow in my size. I took it as a sign red was meant to be. By now we were getting hungry so we picked out a cute little cafe to brunch at.

We 100% choose this eatery based off of the name. I kept saying that it was Velma's place. We both decided to try specials. I went with the Spicy Omelette which had the perfect amount of spicy ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nathan tried the Chipotle Chicken Sandwich, the Chipotle mayo excellent. Oh and a smoothie for each, because we were being good.

After brunch we wanted to go get pedicures since we both bought sandels and would be showing off our feet. Most places here are appointment only, do we had to go three places to find someone to fit us in. We ended up at Green Nails Nail Salon.

They were very nice, and super quick, they got us in and out. I highly recommend this place, also look how cute our feet turned out!

We still had some time to kill, so we continued shopping for a bit until it was time to go to my friend's place.

We rolled up and unloaded our things, she gave us the tour. And then it was just sitting around hanging out and fellowshipping.

Next thing you know the Sun went down and somebody said Tacos. So we decided to hunt down some tacos.

We returned with our prize to eat and watch The Chosen a show my friend Christa has been telling us about.

Then it was jammy time and we packed it in.


What did I wear? I went with a Star Wars print muscle tee from Hot Topic, that I paid with a ribbed skirt from my blog post 'Forever Barbie'. In the evening I changed into the pants from my blog post 'Hey Benny, SCREW YOU!' and added my Nana's cardigan for warmth.