Flats can be fabulous. Don't believe us? Believe the Eiko Black Velvet Mules! Soft yet oh so chic, the Eiko Velvet Black Mules boast of a velvet and cloth material that's totally plush and luxurious to show off. It features an open back, slip on design that's easy to wear on and take off, but also secure enough to accompany your feet wherever they take you. The Eiko Velvet Black Mules run true to size. Equipped with a 1 inch heel, it provides you with just a little bit of a heel that lifts you off the ground. The Eiko Black Mules are also adorned with a simple and sophisticated bow, a perfect addition to a perfect pair of shoes.


 Runs true to size
 1 inch heel
 Velvet / Cloth Material
 Dyed rubber sole



SKU: d65f82b7


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