A Life of Luxury

So I'm super excited because my nieces came to visit me for the week! Both of them will be moving out of State soon so this is going to be our special time together ❤️

Day 1 is by far our most extravagant day! After this we'll have to tone things down a little, but we still will be doing plenty.

Sunday morning it was early to rise for Church at PCOC

The girls and I donned our best and listened to a wonderful sermon about putting faith into practice.

Next we had lunch at Burger King, Zoi said it's been 5yrs since she last ate there. When I asked if it met with her approval she said the bacon on her burger was perfect 👌

The next stop was the nail salon, and here's where I messed up. We were trying to go to Angel's but apparently they moved, so we went to a new place called Lynn's a little mom and pop it only had one review, 5 star though. Gigi and I had a good experience getting out manicures but poor Zoi has the acrylics and the lady didn't do a very good job of it 😩 I told her we could try somewhere else to get them fixed but she was over it so back home to get ready for dinner.

We got gussied up for dinner on the Historic Queen Mary! Dinner reservations at 6:15 we wanted to leave around 3 so we would have time to tour the ship.

We actually left around 4, we missed the tour but were able to explore the ship before dinner on our own.

For dinner we had reservations at Winston's a very nice restaurant on the Queen Mary.

I told them to order whatever they like. And that they did. Like me these ladies clearly have a taste for the finer things in life. Sparkling water, and soda for drinks. Jumbo shrimp appetizer for Zoi, table side salad for Gigi.

Zoi had Fillet Mignon as her main, Gigi tried the French Onion Soup, and I went with the Beef Wellington. The girls also ordered dessert Gigi got the Apple Tart and Zoi Chocolate Lava Cake. And we each received a chocolate strawberry.

Okay was it a little excessive? Yes. But the rest of the week we'll be cooking so you know, not too bad.

The girls had wanted to watch Titanic when returning home, but were so tired they went right to sleep! As did. Stay tuned for more more adventures!

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