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Joining the Rat Race

Day 2, all three of us slept in, Sunday had been such a big and full day we all needed to ease back into the week. I wasn't until about 10 we decided on what to do for the day. Zoi and I ate our leftovers for breakfast, but Gigi is a mouse and just had a mini bagel.

We got dressed and headed to Orange Circle for some shopping!

We visited quite a few shops before ending up at Elsewhere Vintage where Zoi purchased some vintage sunglasses, she clearly is my niece. We spent a little time in the Antique Mall but it's so big, we didn't have time to explore the whole thing!.

Next stop was Watson's Soda Fountain for a milkshake.

Gigi got Strawberry and Zoi tried chocolate. I had a single scoop of sherbet and helped the girls finish there's off.

Next stop was the drycleaners, and the girls first day working as my assistant.

We dropped of some vintage dresses I'd just received from my Grandmother and headed to the shop. I introduced thrle girls to my Co-worker Frida who was so happy to have them helping out. 

I got the girls started showing them they're tasks. Dressing the maniquins, answering calls, picking the music for the shop, and offering our clients water.

The girls exceeded my expectations on all fronts, and were excited about working! Around 5 they got hungry so I ordered them a small pizza to hold them over till dinner. 

Gigi even received her first tip, for helping a customer zip up her dress. 

Once 7 rolled around we locked up. Zoi had never been to a Goodwill before and wanted to go so Goodwill it was.