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Hanging on at Laramie

Woke up in Laramie Wyoming! After a lovely breakfast together, we tried to explore our KOA but everything was closed due to Covid precautions. We decided to take a walk instead, but then I got bit by a bug and had to go back to camp. I'm allergic to bugs, and even though I put Benedryl on it my arm still swelled up around the bite ☹️. So we decided to pack up since there wasn't anything to do there.

Luckily the Wyoming Territorial Prison was right next to our KOA so it was an easy find. We were all excited to explore!

Because it was Sunday the Wardens House was closed, so we went straight for the prison where the girls pulled up with the latest bunch of criminals.

We explored the building, where we learned about how horrible it was to be locked up at that time. All around the building there are these huge mug shots of choosen prisoners along with their bios, to get a taste of the types of people incarcerated. I really enjoyed this.

Turns out Butch Cassidy was their most Infamous prisoner. They have an entire exhibit devoted to the man. We were so facinated that we lost track of time and had to leave if we wanted to make our KOA before it was too dark. The rest of the museum we scimmed through, I'd like to go back again and take my time, there's just so much to see.

So we were back to the open road, and next thing you know we're in Nebraska!

Our drive was pretty uneventful, we stopped for a moment to have lunch, I made us sandwiches in the trailer and off we went. A friend of mine from Nebraska suggested we stop off at the Archway since it was on our way. We arrived to late to get off and look around as it was already closed so just took pictures as we passed under.

We stopped at an Arby's for dinner, after which I took some more Benedryl and went to sleep.

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