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Welcome to Wendover

We all slept in a little after that long drive. So we didn't have much time to explore our KOA before check out. We did have a relaxing morning, and I bought a postcard to send to my bestie.

Then we headed over to the Historic Wendover Army base, the sight of the makings of the Atom bomb.

Exploring historical sights is something my family and I have always enjoyed. And my father, being a military man himself, was looking forward to the visit the most. As we walked in and and began to explore this original building left standing from WWII I have to admit I became overwhelmed with emotion.

Reading about the men, and women who lived, worked, and sacrificed there lives in the name of freedom, not just for us but for Europe and Asia, it really hit me hard. At the time this was the largest American Military base in the world 3 million acres housing 20 thousand military personnel and civilians. How many of those never returned home to their families 💔

The base is still functioning as a private airport, and is the only existing WWII base with Halls, barracks, and hangers still in tact. Unfortunately the museum is still raising money to restore many of these, and we were only able to tour the renovated Main Hall, and one airplane.

Does this plane look familiar to you? It should, it was used as a prop in the making of Conair starring Nicholas Cage! We had fun taking turns pretending to be WWII pilots. Next thing you know it's past noon and time to be on the road. We headed off towards Wyoming, our next KOA.

We made what was supposed to be a quick pit stop at a KFC in Everston WY, boy was that a disaster! First you order on line, then call at the appointed time and they bring it to you. Only when we called we couldn't get through, then when we did they didn't bring us our food. I eventually walked to the drive threw, by the time I did they were delivering it. I know I sound impatient, but hey we're traveling with a 3yr old. On the bright side some bonding between grumbling tummies took place.

That was the last stop for us. We drove straight on arriving safely at our destination!

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