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MOD Mystery Box Sewing Challenge Week #2

Week two is done and done! Let's see how long I can keep up the momentum!

Again here is the picture of a bunch of random fabric my mother sent me. Some of it is labeled, some of it is not. This weeks fabric is a white knit with red polka dots. I had a 1 yard plus 16" the width is 64" the fiber content is unknown.

My first instinct was to make a little sleeveless crop top but then I hadn't actually spent anytime with the fabric. When I picked it up to test the stretch I discovered it was only a two-way stretch not a four-way stretch.

It was then that I decided I was going to have to do something different. My first stop was Pinterest where I typed in in MOD Dresses I was looking through them and I thought, yeah, that'll do it.

Rummaging through my patterns looking for something suitable I came across McCalls 5512 which was almost perfect. When I went to lay it out I only made a few simple modifications.

The neck is SUPER Gathered so I cut that down a little bit, and then I added ten inches to the sleeve. Aaaaand I also cut a cuff out. I sewed this thing up according to instructions only adding the cuff to the sleeve.

Found these cute little buttons in my button drawer (yes I have a whole drawer dedicated to buttons) And then I took a million pictures with a bouffant and was oh so 60's!

Remember to check back next week, and don't forget to follow me on instagram @MadsenCreations, and Facebook : Madsen Creations by Rachel Madsen.

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