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Miss Fisher's Murder

Okay, so how did I do guys? This week I was channeling my second favorite Lady Detective (Nancy Drew is #1 in my book) I've never read any of her books but I love the Netflix series! I wouldn't say she was the inspiration because I wasn't watching the show at the time I made the dress. But she was the inspiration for hair and makeup both of which I'm super happy with the turn out. So no there's no murder in this one, I just wanted to look like a wealthy lady who does detective work for fun, Don't Judge me!!! Anyways there's lots of pictures at the bottom, let me know if I pulled off being her.The dress above I made way back, I was still in college and visiting home for winter break. I found this beautiful white dress at a thrift store but my mother wouldn't let me wear it. (yes I still listen to my mother)

So just like I did in "Wedding Dress in a day", I pulled something out of thin air. Although in this instance I had a couple days, instead of just one.

We took a trip to Joann's for some quick shopping, I purchased some white chiffon and in the Red Tag section (you know back when they actually had good stuff there) I found this amazing grey georgette covered in sequins!

Okay so here's where I'm a little superstitious but I like to where white on New Years Eve. I'm of the opinion that its good luck, not that I've ever had a lucky year, but hey, I keep trying.

Back to my house, I pretty much draped the thing, I still hadn't had a draping class yet, but I'd seen other students do it,so there you go. I went with the grey first and then put the put the white on top of it. Much like how I did with the "Cheers!"

Underdress- Unlike my "Cheers!" dress I did attach the Overdress to the Underdress so I don't have separate pictures to show you. The underdress was very simple, scoop neck, A-line, deep-V back. No darts but it is fully lined. I hand sewed silver sequins along the neck and backline. No closures on this. I did hem the lining but I left the underdress un-hemmed with a very uneven hemline. Much like I did to the "Cheers!" Underdress, why do I do that? I have no idea other than I like it.

The overdress is made of chiffon, I wanted a cowl neck (I was doing a lot of cowls at that time #obsessed) I remembered how to drape a cowl, but forgot to do it on the bias, so it never really sat the way I wanted it to but it's still a really beautiful dress despite this imperfection. For the back I also gave it a V but not as deep as the underdress.

The next thing I did was add godets, whats a godet? (Okay so I wanted to put a video in here but everything on Youtube was soooooo boring I'm just going to tell you) A godet is a triangular piece of fabric inserted into a slit in the skirt. See, simple. I had a bit of trouble here though as it was my first ever godet and I did french seam (atempted at least turns out you shouldn't do french seams on godets, who knew)

To cover up all my blunders I pulled some very beautiful appliques out and stitched them on in all the right places. Along the godets I hand sewed more silver sequins. Along the back I stitched two rows of pearls. Then my mother is the one who suggested the chain,

Well that's pretty much it, I sewed the underdress to the overdress on this one, though in retrospect it really wasn't necessary. I eventually made a really stunning fur stole to go with this. But sold it not long afterward, I keep saying I'll make another but haven't yet lol.

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As promised photos below.

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