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Strike a Day!

Day 3 we slept in again, but it's summer vacation don't judge us. For breakfast Gigi and I had leftovers again, while Zoi had yogurt. And we watched an episode of America's Next Top Model. Zoi is a big fan of the 90's/2000's 

Then we packed it up and headed to the bowling alley. I have my own ball and shoes so we just had to rent for the girls. Zoi didn't want bumpers, but I knew we were going to need them.

I'm not the best bowler, but I still tried to give the girls tips to improve their score. Both did very well. Zoi did get her ball stuck once, it was a very Leah thing to do 😆

The girls wanted to eat at the Ally, but I told them I'd make them sandwiches at home. Zoi said she doesn't eat homemade sandwiches only professionally made ones. I told her I was a professional sandwich maker because I used to work at Me. Pickles and she used to come in with Grandma and have me make her sandwiches. She couldn't argue that one. But we did have to stop by Target on the way home because she only eats white Sara Lee 🍞 and creamy Jiffy peanut butter. 

Since 5 Below is next to the Target the girls wanted to have a look at the store. Neither of them had ever been to a 5 Below.

The girls were amazed by the store and asked if we could come back after work for a shopping spree.

Next we went home, I made us all sandwiches as only a professional can. And then we packed up a bunch of snacks and headed to work.

I'm not sure yesterday was as exciting as the first day, but that's the way of work.