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Working hard or hardly working?

Day 4, hump day, the girls slept in the lastest they have all week. Didn't get up till noon, and with it being the first perfect day all week we may have missed out a little. We pretty much just hung out at the house and watched Wife Swap till it was time to go to work. 

The girls made and packed their own lunches this time, which were probably more snacks than food. And off to work we went. 

It was a very slow day at the shop, so I told the girls to write a couple commercials to keep them busy. 

Unfortunately I don't know how to upload videos here so you'll have to check out my Instagram (madsencreations) or Facebook (Madsen Creations by Rachel Madsen) to see them. But they are so adorable. 

After work we went to church, shot gun preaching night. Three 15min sermons, going to church made Gigi miss Grandma and Grandpa so she started crying because she doesn't want to move 😩. Poor baby, I'm sure it will all be fine in the end. After church the girls wanted Panda Express, but I took them to China First Kitchen, it's closer to my house. The lady was super nice and gave us a bunch of extra food because they were closing.

Gigi and I liked the food, I eat there pretty regularly. But Zoi said it was salty and threw it away, she was also a little upset because we watched Teen Wolf instead of another movie she hadn't picked out yet 🤣 I think she was just tired. The girls went to sleep with the dog, I cleaned up downstairs and also turned in. 

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