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Color me Wow

Day 5 we were supposed to tie dye our matching shirts and socks then go to the beach. The girls even woke up early for this. But when we read the directions it said the dye needed to set 6-8 hours ๐Ÿ™„ well. The girls and I tie dyed lol. It was a lot of fun a first for all of us. The girls wore the gloves so my hands ended up multi. We did really good at not making a mess, surprisingly so. And then once again had leftovers for breakfast and binge watched America's Next Top Model.ย 

We left for work early because we ate all the snacks and needed to buy more. I was going to go to the market but then remembered I'd promised the girls Slurppees so we went to 7/11!

Work was once again was sooo slow but the girls kept themselves busy and then we had a visitor! Lily from Worst Cooks in America! She's been to the shop before and came by to say hello. It was really fun for all of us to meet someone who'd been on television! And she is so nice and warm in real life and funny. Definitely the highlight of the day. She even tipped the girls, which was so generous!

After work we went to Petco, to look for a white shirt for Fitz and get him a leash so he could match us at the beach. They had nothing. But the girls got to pet the kittens.

Gigi found a grey one she wanted to take home and call Lucky 2, after her cat that passed away. Zoi just wanted a kitten. Both girls said they were going to buy one and hide it in their room from their parents. I neither encouraged or discouraged them from doing this. That's a problem for parents not fun aunt's ๐Ÿ˜†

We checked out Michael's next they also did not have any tie dyable dog shirts ๐Ÿ˜’

We returned home where I rinsed and washed out tie dye creations. Gigi's ๐Ÿงฆ didn't come out so we decided to try again. We had two bags of popcorn. Then the girls weren't hungry for dinner. And neither was I lol. We watched some Skin Wars them went to bed.

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