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Another Adventure, Another Day

Pulling into our KOA the first thing we noticed was the showers were taped off. So the next morning we didn't even bother exploring. We packed up and headed out right away.

At the suggestion of my friend Christa we headed over to check out The Holy Shrine in Gretna Nebraska.

The Shrine, is beyond words. You're not allowed to take pictures inside, so I highly recommend visiting yourself as words don't do it justice. It was built by Catholics, and as such holds Mass every Sunday, but was built to welcome spiritualists of all walks.

I confess it was so beautiful inside that as I sat praying I was overcome with emotion and began to cry. We didn't have time to explore all the grounds, if ever I get a chance I'd like to go back again.

Once again we hit the open road. We stopped for lunch at Subways, where I got some cute pics with baby.

After that it was just driving, driving. Thanks to the bug bite on my arm I took lots of Benedryl. For those of you wondering the swelling actually extended up my arm. If it doesn't go down by the time we hit Georgia I'll have to see a doctor. I would hate to lose my arm to a bug bite 😡 that'd be the worst!

Once the sun went down we saw lots of Thunder and Lightening, very cool. Then got stuck on a long detour because the 57 freeway was closed. Finally reached our KOA, another adventure, another day.

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