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Don't Mess With TX

You know you in Texas when you eating ribs for breakfast ๐Ÿ˜‹ Thank you to my wonderful Brother, who sent these with us from Georgia.

He sent these with us before we left, and we kept them on Ice and decided they would make the perfect Texas breakfast.

I thought I liked Memphis, but the Amarillo KOA nuged them out of first place.

As far as amenities go, they were comparable to our last place. What really made this place stand out was all the art, and overall mood. Since it's located off Historical Route 66, the whole place ha a Vintage feel going for it. Which I appreciate it as you already know.

We got some snacks from the little shop before heading out.Then made our way down to the Cadillac Ranch!

What is the Cadillac Ranch you may ask? Well according to my dad, a few hippies contacted a farmer, and asked if they could burry some cars on his land, because you know, Art. He said yes, and they did, fin up, you know to show the evolution of the tailfins. Well I guess later people started to graffiti the cars. And the hippie guys encouraged that so now you can go graffiti these cars! It was really cool, I mean these things have been painted over so many times there's like two inches of pain on them.

I climbed in side one to take a selfie, which was difficult amid the roaring wind.

I guess now would be a good time to share my outfit of the day. I wore my tie dye shirt that the girls and I wore last year. Paired with some black bike shorts, and my white mules. I totally thought I packed more socks and am slightly annoyed to not have, because as cute as tges shoes are, they're not really walking shoes.

We made it back to the car and hit the open road.

This was the easiest leg of our journey, and for the first time we rolled into our KOA early. Do you want to know what stood out immediately?

Water Park!!! Okay so yes! Water Park, unfortunetly I forgot my swimsuit for this trip (I apologise for not having a gratuitous bikini shot) I went to the Loves station next to us but no swimsuits in site. Then I tried the little store on the campsite, which had everything but a swimsuit. On a side note, what kinda park as a water park but doesn't sell swimsuits ๐Ÿค” Definitely as case for Nancy Drew, only she's not vacationing with us so that mystery will have to go unsolved for now.

It was a really beautiful camp, we were able to explore some before heading to dinner. Afterwards I streamed a show from my phone, and drifted peacefully to sleep.