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Hey Benny! SCREW YOU!

Welcome back Guys!!! I know it's been awhile since you got a future fashion post, but as I'm sure you're aware I was at Disney World!!! I heave like 6 whole posts documenting my adventure, so feel free to go back and read about it if you haven't had a chance yet.

We're finally on movie 4!

Total Recall 1990 Version: the Movie Stars Sharon Stone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachel Ticoton, Micheal Ironside and Dean Norris.

This movie takes place in the year 2084, Douglas Quaid (Schwarzenegger) is a construction worker who dreams of visiting Mars. He visits ReKall a company that plants false memories of travel into your head. But something goes wrong and Quaid discovers his whole life is a false memory and people are now out to kill him. What I like about this movie is its shoot from Quaid's perspective, so we get very invested in his solving the mystery of his memory loss. The ending is also vague enough that it leaves you wondering how much was real and how much implanted.

The makeup director behind this film was Rob Bottin an American special effects artist, this film does have some very impressive makeups that help sell the futuristic setting in addition to sets. The costumes are by Erica Edell Philips native New Yorker, the costumes are very 80's but don't let that bother you, they fit the world in their own way.

As always I wish I could spend time on every outfit in this movie because it's all so good! But since I have to pick one I pick the one that stands out to me the most. I try to analyse what made it special and then recreate it in my own way. This time I picked Melina's green jacket outfit she wears while running around, shooting people up with Quiad.

What do I like about this look? When we first meet Melina she's working in a Saloon and it's established that she is a prostitute. Even though they establish right away the sort of girl she is, she spends the majority of the movie dressed in the above look which isn't an inherently sexy look.But it is sexy on her, she reminds me a lot of Princess Leia in that she's a very tough chick. She's got a gun, she's fearless, she's part of a rebellion, and their is something very attractive about that, she's powerful.The other thing I like about this look is it's functional. It is appropriate for the type of adventure she's on, sometimes designers equate skin=sexy, so more skin more sexy without any thought of function. That's not always a bad thing, but does lend better to the damsel in distress. Melina is never distressed, even in danger she's still very aware, in control, and full of fight. The last thing I would like to point out is the color and cut. The broad shoulders of the jacket is yes 80's but it's also a very powerful look combined with the color gives it a militaristic feel. Then she's also got those thigh high boots! I wouldn't change anything about this look!

Now we get into my version lol.

Starting with the Jacket, I actually really had a hard time with this one, not because it was technically difficult, the construction of this was easy. But because I had so many ideas that it was hard to focus on a specific design. I think sometimes when you like a thing a too much, it becomes so much harder to express, 3dimensionally.

The fabric was the easiest part, I ordered a Chartreuse cotton canvas from one of my favorite fabric sources on the internet. I looked at so many patterns trying to find one that spoke to me, again I had too many ideas, i couldn't focus enough to draw up my own pattern. And then I finally settled on Simplicity Pattern 8722

How did I turn a jumpsuit pattern into a jacket pattern? I just cut the legs off, now that I say it your probably thinking ' pshh oh yeah simple, and it was. I still had to assemble it, and that part honestly got a little tricky, I also added a bunch of pockets because we love pockets, and some tabs to the shoulders. I know Melina doesn't wear a hood, but I really wanted to add one to my design so I went for it. I did get stumped for a moment when it came to the closure, but after much deliberation with my household ( yes, when in doubt ask for help) we settled o a toggle clasp. You can buy these, but I went ahead and made my own. The jacket was cool and done, and even if it ended up looking nothing like Melina's, apart from the color, I do think that it does give off the same vibe, and is a little more modern.

The Bottoms:

I was pretty decided I wanted to make jeans, leggings are cool and all but they are also so simple, front back and a waistband, please.

So I decided to make jeans and then I stuck again, should I draft the pattern? Should I trace my jeans, jeans are kind of boring i could buy those anywhere. And then I got to thinking about my friend Dez, she rides horses and I though, what about Jodhpurs?

A light bulb went off, yes Jodhpurs, they would go perfectly with the jacket! Next step how do I make jodhpurs? Well I started browsing the internet for how to draft jodhpurs because heck if I knew, and stumbled across a free pattern for them. and here's the link because I believe in sharing! I'm also going to review this pattern because does it really count if we don't talk about sewing?

So I printed this out on my home printed (typically I send stuff like this to Staples) and somehow messes the job up as I ended up with dou