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Our Last Evening

So I took very little pictures today because I was experiencing instead of documenting. So the day before my sister's friend had stopped by, she was a photographer and wanted to take my picture before I left. So first thing in the morning, baby and I woke up, and headed over to her house. While she worked on my makeup and hair, baby played with her babies so it was a win, win. Baby got to spend time with her friends, and I made a new friend!

We headed to a cute little Thrift shop where she took my picture, then we just walked around the thrift store. Which was HUGE and looked at all the cool stuff! And she even bought herself some really nice pieces of vintage furniture.

We had lunch before she returned me home. My family was already there. And my sister was prepping dinner. She made pork tacos with handmade tortillas, beans and rice. Yum!

Gigi wanted us to watch a movie together, so out came the popcorn, and on came Miss Perigrine's home for peculiar children.

Since it was was our last night together, Gigi and I had a sleepover. 😁

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