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Rockie Road

That morning in Fountain we were greeted by this little bunny. Who, was determined to spend all day there. I should have given him a name he was so cute. By this time you already know this place is awesome, well if you read yesterday's post you do.

I decided to take a walk since I had already seen the water park and store yesterday.

So by our site there was this cute little dam, the sign said No climbing on Dam, but when have I heeded signs 🤷 So I climbed down some rocks, and there was a little ledge that led out to the dam. I followed it as far as I dare go.

This seems like a good place for outfit of the day. I was wearing my Favorite Barbie t-shirt, paired with my striped shorts and again my little white mules. As i made my way out to the dam, the ledge got narrower. I wearing backless shoes didn't feel very secure in my footing. I kept thinking, If I slip and fall I'm going to loose at least one of my shoes and then it'll fall down into the river and I'll never get it back. So I turned back round, and climbed the rocks back up. Proof that the right shoes make all the difference.

I then did another walk around, even though I did it yesterday, I didn't take many pictures so here you are. Outdoor kitchen, rentable bikes, and golf carts, kids playground, pool and water park 😁

We packed our things and headed for Castle Rock!

I did take a pic of us passing through Colorado Springs, because it's the location of Dr. Quinn medicine woman. A frontier show I like that takes place in Colorado Springs.

We met up with some very dear friends in Castle Rock, they took us to old town for lunch at Scileppi's. And old Catholic church that has since been converted into an Italian restaurant.

I give this restaurant ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Atmosphere, beautiful obviously, food delicious, and big portions too, service excellent! There was not one place where they did not succeed!

Of course the best part of the afternoon was the company 😁 There's nothing like spending time with people you love. Even if it's only for a couple months.

Alas we had to say our farewells, and so we said goodbye, and made our way up the 70.

Okay, so I have a lot of pictures for you. Partially because the drive was beautiful, but also because I needed to distract myself as this drive, for me at least, was so stressful.

The funny thing is we went through the Rockies in Wyoming, and for some reason it didn't bother me then. Maybe we weren't up as high, or I was distracted by the girls?

The road felt really narrow this time through, and we were so high up, the road was steep. We saw all these Big Horn wild sheep on the side of the road. And several tiny little waterfalls. We also had to go through these long tunnels through the mountains which stressed me out even more. As beautiful a drive it was I would not want to do it again.

When we made it to camp I was beyond exhausted 😴 we had dinner and I went right to sleep. As in I passed out in my clothes and everything.

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