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The Magic Kingdom

Day 2: The Magic Kingdom, we got up early, a lot of people need to get ready after all!

I decided for this trip I wanted to go Disney Bounding, what's Disney Bounding? Instead of wearing full on costumes like Cosplayers, Disney Bounders wear stylish everyday outfits inspired by characters. Your second question may be, did you make an entire new wardrobe to wear to Disney? No, even though that's exactly the crazy sort of thing I would do! No, this trip came as a surprise for me, so I had about a week, and as awesome as I am there's no way even I could complete all my orders, and build a week's worth of outfits in 8 days. Although I did try, luckily I have a little sister who wouldn't let me, she's the real Genius behind Madsen Creations, she keeps me in it 😉

So our first day was in the Magic Kingdom and I decided to wear my Princess Jazmine bounding outfit.

I started with my blue Linen Drawstring Pants ( made by me) and paired them with a time crop top (Forever 21) I wore my Nannette mules (Macy's) and my super Cat Eye frames! (Zeelool) To complete my look I braided my hair and wore a good head band. I feel like this is going to be my strongest Bounding look, but I'll let y'all be the judges of that!

My oldest sister made everyone breakfast and excitedly we hurried to the park!

Upon arrival I discovered there were three ways to get to the park, bus, monterail, ferry. We went by ferry.

Remember how I wrote an entire post about how much I love trains? Well boats are actually my second favorite mode of transportation! So the ferry was a wonderful treat!

So if you don't know ( I'm sharing cause I didn't know) the Magic Kingdom is a replica our Disneyland a place I am very familiar with, so I might make a few comparisons.

We arrived on Main street which looks a lot like our Main Street. And we're greater by none other than the princesses!

It was a really pleasent surprise because we didn't expect to see any characters. I'm glad they found away to showcase them in a manner that didn't compromise the performers.

Next we made our way through Cinderella's Castle to Fairytaleland.

We only did a few rides here as we needed to get back to the hotel in time for my nephew's virtual class.

The carousel is a carousel, there's really not much more to say about it 😆

It's a Small World was our second ride. I've visited it's counterpart in California. I would say that I enjoyed this one more. The dolls are so close you could touch them if you wanted to. My sister and I couldn't decide if the dolls were actually bigger, or just looked bigger because they were closer.

Peter Pan was our last one for the morning. Again it seemed bigger, the seats, the sets and animatronics, they all seemed bigger.

After Peter we returned to the Hotel and had lunch, my nephew went to school, I took a nap, and everyone else just relaxed. As soon as school bwas over, we were back at the park!

This time we took the Monterail because, I like trains 😁