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Home for the next Two Weeks

Day 1 of our travel adventures got off to a late start, but off we went! The benefits of driving through northern California, up into northern Nevada is a beautiful view full of green trees the entire way! This was the easiest leg of our journey so far since the baby slept most of the way.

We decided to stop off at Boomtown for lunch, the asthetic agree with me. But you guys already know how I feel about vintage anything ๐Ÿ˜.

We had lunch at Mel's and explored this cute little garden. Before it was time to hit the road once again. The second part of our journey through Nevada was pretty boring. Not much other than a few cows and a whole lot of nothing. Spent the time reading The Three Musketeers out loud to the girls, and keeping the baby entertained. We did go through this cool tunnel at one time.

Rolled into our KOA around 11pm, it we all had Cup of Noodles and were off to bed.

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