War Memorial of Korea

Let me start off by saying this one was a little emotional for me. As both my grandfather's served in this War that essentially never ended. It was incredible to learn about it first hand, and I think every American should visit this Memorial at least once in their life. Also I took the least amount of photos here because I was just that immersed in it.

Started my morning with breakfast at The Original Pancake House as it was Children's Day in Korea, a holiday where parents spend the day with their children. Really kinda awesome, it was a long wait, but the food very good. It's different from The Original Pancake House I used to visit in Anaheim, this one was more like a Denny's or classic diner, but it's the only breakfast place nearby that opens before 11am.

After Breakfast I got changed ane walked down to The War Memorial of Korea, which is just around the corner from my house. As you can see in the pictures, the place is massive, I had no idea.

Each Country that provided troops has it's own memorial mounted. And every country that provided financial support as it's flag being flown in front of the Museum.