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Top O' the Morning

Picture by Macabre's Memories- Costume by Madsen Creations

Top O' the Morning to you and welcome back, in my last post I rocked a little white dress made for a Macabre's Memories event. I also talked a little about the pin up calendar I worked on and how didn't get to costume Miss June for the calendar. I did however costume Miss March the Beautiful Banshee pictured above.

I made several outfits for that particular project and none of them vexed me like the Banshee did. I hit such a designer's block, which the tight deadline did not help.

You know what did help, I ended up messaging an old flame of mine, the bass player from OnOff, who happens to be Irish. I kinda begged him to give me some info on the Banshee hoping it would knock some creativity loose. He wrote me a very long passage on the Banshee at the time I wasn't sure it had helped because I still felt lost. But it must have because when I went to the fabric store I found a green Charmeuse (100% silk Yardage Town) and BOOM I had to have it I knew it was meant for this costume. I purchased what was left on the bolt which wasn't much as well as a piece of green Chiffon (100% Polyester Yardage Town) because I knew I wouldn't have enough charmeuse.

Now usually when I go into a design I have a very firm grasp on what I want to accomplish with it. Or I have a sketch to follow, in this case I had neither. I really just let the fabric lead me.

I used Simplicity pattern 3632, the only alteration I made was leaving the hem straight and not scalloping it. I made the sleeves out of the chiffon and used what was left for an overlay on the skirt. At about this time I had run out of chiffon and wanted more so I picked up a darker hunter green Chiffon (100% polyester Joann's) I used this piece to make a cape attached to the back of the dress ( yes I was obsessed with capes at the time)

As much as I liked the dress it was missing the ghostly other worldly feel that spirits give off and the fabric was too pretty for me to put holes in. To combat this I ended up sewing little pickups into the dress giving the skirt a messy yet whimsical appearance, perfect for a woman crying in the woods.


Lastly we added the white wig, not only because legend has the Banshee in a green dress and with white hair. The white is what lends a ghostly woodsy feel to the overall look. The model went ahead and did her thing the final product you can see at the top of the page. And I added yet another incredible piece to my repertoire. (Can be purchased at link below)

As you can see I've included some pics of the original model in this dress because I wanted to share the original concept. I've also included at the bottom of the page my own mini shoot I recently did as was promised feel free to check it out! And don't forget to follow me:

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I hope you've enjoyed this content, I look forward to sharing more stories with you in the coming weeks!

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