Top O' the Morning

Picture by Macabre's Memories- Costume by Madsen Creations

Top O' the Morning to you and welcome back, in my last post I rocked a little white dress made for a Macabre's Memories event. I also talked a little about the pin up calendar I worked on and how didn't get to costume Miss June for the calendar. I did however costume Miss March the Beautiful Banshee pictured above.

I made several outfits for that particular project and none of them vexed me like the Banshee did. I hit such a designer's block, which the tight deadline did not help.

You know what did help, I ended up messaging an old flame of mine, the bass player from OnOff, who happens to be Irish. I kinda begged him to give me some info on the Banshee hoping it would knock some creativity loose. He wrote me a very long passage on the Banshee at the time I wasn't sure it had helped