You got me Popping Champagne

Welcome back to another episode of Monster Pin Up Calender! If you've been following along, you outta be familiar by now with what the Monster PIn Up Calendar is. But for those of you who don't here's a quick recap.

Some friends of my had a Monster makeup photography business called Macabre Memories. I collaborated with them on putting together a pin up calendar alongside a couple other talented designers. -

Now that were over with that let's move on to the good stuff! We started our journey with "The Bride" my take on a Pin Up Frankenstein's Bride next we got lucky with "Top O' the Mornin" post where I shared my frustrations in trying to bring forth the Banshee Pin Up. Then recently my post "Love is a Ghost" introduced you to my Spectral Nightgown, that can now be found in my shop on a permanent basis as I fell in love with it all over again! And this week I get to share with you a garment so special to me, not only because it was the first of all these that I made but also because it