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I've had so much fun so far sharing my closet with you as you've probably noticed I have a lot of unusual pieces made for a variety of projects. Just a heads up next week their will be no post as I'll be out of town for my besties wedding! Which is why today's post is going to be extra long with 3x as many photos.

Anybody who's spent any kinda time with me ought to know that I love the 20's! I'm all about it. The hair, the style, the makeup, the clothes, and music, decor, everything about it I'm crazy about I was totally born in the wrong era. Which is why today's look is straight from the Roaring 20's!

There is so much happening here! A jacket, a dress, a slip, and then the undergarments! Everything you see here (and don't see) is period appropriate. So we'll start from the top! As I was thinking to myself "I'm not even sure I have a sketch of this one" I flip right to it! So there is a sketch to go with this look.

This outfit was created my first year of college as part of my final for what was easily my favorite class, History of Costume. Loved it, had so much fun, and even though it was a history class, and an online one to boot, I still got to make a garment for it! Or try three!

First off if you follow me on Instagram your probably getting tired of seeing me in this because I LOVE this robe, and wear it like 80% of the time. And what I like is you can wear it out over an outfit like how I have it styled here. Or you can wear it around the house over you favorite jammies, lingerie, or birthday suit (whatever strikes your fancy!) If you peruse my shop you will find this very robe listed under Kimono Jacket Silky Robe, well not this one exactly, a replica of this one.

This here is the original, I love the colors the green satin mixed with the sliver jersey, unfortunately I do not offer this color combo anymore as I never sold one which is why I switched it up to the gold on gold. But for me personally I like different things, I like unique pieces, that grab attentions, that say something. To me this robe it's.. its a little melancholy but also romantic in its own way. I think if you look at the gold and compare the two there is definitely a different emotion sparked there, the gold is a lot happier, its more fun, its bright, and that's kinda funny to think about because their the same robe, just different colors.

What inspired me? Well obviously the 20's, but I really just was look to capture flowing ease, like liquid metal. I found this sliver jersey at Joann's in the Red tag apparel (that when they still had good stuff in there) I really kinda just eyeballed this one, I knew what the shapes were supposed to look like and I just drew straight on the fabric and cut it out stitched it up. I made it, before I had a serger so my seams are unfinished, and the trim I cut on the bias, and treated it like bias tape, because again I didn't have a serger so because it was satin and there was a danger of the fabric fraying I needed it to be self cased. So that's how I did it. It was much harder than how I do it now, But its managed to hold up, and I wear it all the time.


This sketch, this was clearly before I started using croquis and I would freehand it all. I have no idea how I managed to work off of these things but somehow I did. Funny I actually did a tutorial on how to make that headband ( I have no idea where it is or what happened to it)

But I do have the tutorial I made so at least you can see what it looked like way back when. Also look at how long my hair is O.o Crazy huh?

As far as the dress goes I used a midnight blue chiffon. I totally draped this thing before I took a draping class, and you know what? Can't even tell, so I went with the boat neck on top and did a drop waistband out of some like grey gauzish fabric I have no idea what it's fiber content is cause its been like 4 years since I bought the stuff from Yardage Town in Vista! Side note, I freaking looooove that store and I spent sooo much money there. *Sigh* I miss that place. And gathered into that band is some grey organza (also yardage town). I then attached some white applique to the hip and shoulder. (Don't ask me where that came from, I have a whole drawer of misc. appliques) In the pictures you'll notice the band ri

des up a little on me, that's because I have waaay to much hip for this dress. It really was designed for someone smaller but I managed to Squeeze into it anyhow!


Next Layer! Are you still with me?!!! I told you this would be a long one! You can see why I got an A on this project, me and my overachieving. Now the Underdress or slip is actually very simple and I wanna say I draped this, but its literally a tube with straps. So I took some satin, and I made a tube, and then I added some straps in a V formation at the back, I don't actually remember why I did this, but I really like it so I'm not going to change